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Easter Kinetic Camp Leaflet 2018

This is our Easter Kinetic Camp leaflet for 2018. This provides you with all of the information that you may need to book your child/children a place. We are experiencing a flurry of bookings and are looking forward to putting smiles on all of the children's faces...

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Inspirational Quote

An inspirational quote from Chris Jordan. This quote represents everything we at Kinetic Kids Academy instills in young people through physical activity and sports. Being level headed when both winning and losing shows real sportsmanship which is essential to become a...

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3 Things to help your health

Here you can see three things to help your health. We believe three aspects of your lifestyle can be improved are: physical activity levels, diet and keeping the heart healthy. Being physically fit is a huge barrier for some people because some people do not have that...

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Burn calories through different sports

Here is a picture that helps to understand how you can burn calories through four different sports. Burning calories through physical activity is essential to burn off any excess calories that you may have eaten throughout the day. Having a balanced diet and active...

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KKA Healthy Eating Facts

At Kinetic Kids Academy, we inspire children to adopt healthy habits. One of the most important things in life for health reasons is a healthy diet. We promote eating well as well as the importance of physical activity. Here you will find on our image some brilliant...

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