This is our Easter Kinetic Camp leaflet for 2018. This provides you with all of the information that you may need to book your child/children a place. We are experiencing a flurry of bookings and are looking forward to putting smiles on all of the children’s faces once again! We have our taster sessions on multiple sports we are delivering to the children organised, planned and ready to go! We have all of the children’s favourite games lined up such as Shark Island, Tidy your bedroom and all of our many variations of Dodgeball!

This camp will also have our annual Easter egg hunt which the children went wild for. The chocolate they will receive at the end of the camp will be very much earned as they would have been active for no less than 27 hours throughout the week! Our Easter Kinetic Camp will have the exact same feel as our previous camps. The environment we create is a safe atmosphere whereby the children can make new friends, be active and feel comfortable enough to make mistakes. Making mistakes is essential to learning, whether that is in the classroom or learning through play with us! Remember we are here every half-term! May will be our next camp!

Please get in touch if you would like to reserve a place at our Easter Kinetic Camp! This looks like being a very lively camp so plenty more smiles all around!

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