Happy Birthday from Kinetic Kids Academy

From £150

Kinetic Kids Academy offers a unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday and make many unforgettable memories. Our birthday parties can be completely tailor made to your requirements. Our qualified coaches will deliver your child’s birthday party for between 1hr 30 – 2hrs. You can choose your sports/games that you wish the children to play with help from our expert staff.

Every detail of your child’s birthday can be customised to your every need. Furthermore if there are any special requests, we can assist you to ensure you and your child have a stress-free and hassle-free birthday party.

We have a fantastic facility to host your child’s party; alternatively we can come to a venue of your choice. We have a wide selection of sports that we can offer from Football, dodgeball, cricket to dance, tag rugby and basketball whilst also playing some of the children’s favourite Kinetic Camp games such as Dr dodgeball, shark island and capture the flag. At Kinetic Kids Academy we aim to leave no stone unturned.

The price for a Kinetic Kids Academy birthday party starts at £150, this includes invitations and use of our venue, along with our expert coaches. Our parties accommodate 12-15 children. Every additional child will be charged at £7.50. Our coaches will deliver a fun, engaging and energetic party for the whole duration.

We offer many additional extras that can make your child’s day even more special from medals, certificates and party bags for all, along with a trophy for the birthday child and face painting. Finally we can also provide food, snacks & drinks for all.

For more information please call: 07391231669 or email us at:

Any questions please visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

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